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Kinser Family Trivia

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Kinser is the 7,269th most popular last name (surname) in the United States, frequency is 0.002%.

On May 28th, 2011 a Goggle search found thousands of references
to various spellings of the Kinser name.

756,000 for Kinser
1,440,000 for Kinzer
133,000 for Kincer
59,000 for Kincer
469,000 for Künzer
48,100 for Kintzer
27,800 for Küntzer
62,000 for Kinsar
158,400 for Kinsor

The Kinser Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee is located on Kinser Road.
Kinser Creek in Wythe County, Virginia
Kinser Creek in Monroe County, Tennessee
Kinser Park in East Tennessee. Kinser park is named for Elbert Luther Kinser who was awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII.

Kinzers, Pennsylvania--
was established when a Henry Kinser built a hotel to house road workers during the construction of the Philadelphia-Lancaster Turnpike.
Some members of the family have found a bit of humor in viewing the names of adjacent towns.

While transcribing some old court records the director of the local history branch of the Polk County, Tennessee library found a reference to George Kinser.(#749)
Further research shows that George, the son of John and Susanna Kinser, married to Caroline Loving and living in Bradley Co., in 1855 fathered a child by a 22 yr old neighbor, Elizabeth Fox. (George and Caroline had no children.) George was about 38 at the time. The child, a boy, was named George and used the last name Fox. Elizabeth later married someone whose last name was O'Donnell/O'Donald

John Henry Kinser (b. 1845) was shot & killed at a distillery in Bearwallow Ky, May 1883. More information is requested..

Kinser Bluff in Metcalfe Co., KY was named after a Peter Kinser who owned the land for many years. Many people in Metcalfe Co. still know it as Kinser Bluff.

The following excerpts were taken from: " JAMES COUNTY: A LOST COUNTY OF TENNESSEE " A Project of Old James County Chapter, East Tennessee Historical Society; Polly W. Donnelly, Editor. BIRCHWOOD\line ...The earliest teachers in the two-room Friendship School were John P. and Harriet Moon who taught an eight-month school in 1890.
   The teachers for 1917-18 were Elizabeth Kinser and Ruth Jordan who boarded with the W. H. Michaels family while school was held in the church. During this year the influenza epidemic caused Elizabeth Kinser and several children to miss a number of school days.
Often the children walked several miles to the school or rode horseback. About 1912 Tom Roberts brought his children from Blue Springs to Friendship in a "spring" wagon. John DeFriese's older sons drove a two-seated hack in which the younger DeFriese children and the neighbors' children rode...

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