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Unanswered Questions

All of us who are into genealogy have questions we can't answer.

Often we can only make our best guess and proceed, hoping to find the answer in the future.

We hope by posting a brief summary of these questions our collective wisdom can supply some of the answers.

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One question unanswered for several years relates to the parents of John Kinser, born 1793 in Virginia.
Most of us thought the preponderance of the evidence pointed to Jacob Kinser, Sr. but we were unable to find documentation to support this assumption.

Recent DNA testing using DNA donated by known descendents of George Kinser known to be a son of Jacob Kinser, Sr. and a known descendent of John Kinser, Jr. supports our assumption that John was also a son of Jacob Kinser, Sr. and a brother to George. Further information about the DNA tests will be added to this page soon.

John Kinser--Known Facts and possible parents
Born February 24, 1793 in Virginia according to (1859 Census & his tombstone)
Died July 21, 1873 in Monroe County, Tennessee
Married Susannah Mesimer (1810?)
This would have made John 17 when he and Sussannah were married.
He appears in the following documents.
1811 Greene county Tax records in Captain John Kirk's district.
1813 Peter Kinser's estate sale
1813 John and Jacob Kinser appear as security bondsmen for John Misimer acting for Sussanah Kinser as administrator of the estate of Peter Kinser.
1813 and 1826 in the Deeds books
April 18, 1814 A deed conveying 100 acres of land from Jacob Kinser to John Kinser with Lewis Hays and George Kinser as witnesses.
May 5, 1814 A jury is appointed to mark a road between the old road above John Kinser's house to intersect said road at Jacob Kinser's. Jacob Kinser and John, Jacob, and Henry Misemer are appointed to the jury.
The 1815-1816 minutes of the Greene County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January 1816, mentions a survey of a road from the Blue Spring to John Kinser's place.
April 29, 1836 A court inventory of the estate of Sussanah Mesimer with John Kinser Senior and John Kinser Junior listed among the buyers.
Could John have been born in PA and the census records be in error?
There are John, Jacob, George, and Henry Kinser in Lancaster PA , Earl Township. 1872-3
Possible parents?
Where did John and Sussanah get married?
Wesley Kinser in his letter mentioned information that he took from the old family Bible.
Who has that Bible? We could check with people on Wesley Kinser's branch of the family.
Wesley also says his great great grandfather is g-g-g-grandfather of Opal Kinser Risinger in Michael Kinser line. I have not been able to confirm this.
Possible parents:
Jacob Kinser born 1779 married Easter Wampler
Known children;
George b. 1791 ? (Dates are inconsistent)
Esther b. 1792 other records mention April 22, 1783
Henry b. 1794
Leah b. 1795
Adam C. b September 11, 1802
Jacob Jr. b. July 26,1802
These last two dates are mutually exclusive.
11Sep1802, 20May1804 Jacob appears in the Cripple Creek Church (VA) records
1810 Virginia census lists a Jacob Kinser in Ohio county but shows no children in the 15-19 age group.
1813, Jacob and John Kinser appear as bondsmen for John Mesimer as Administrator of Peter Kinser's estate in behalf of the widow Sussanah Kinser.(p. 150)
1813, 1815, and 1819 Jacob appears in the Greene County, TN deed books
April 18, 1814, a deed of conveyance of one hundred acres of land from Jacob Kinser to John Kinser Lewis W Hyes abd George Kinser as witnesses.
May 4, 1815, Jacob Kenser appears as a witness to a deed from John and Barbary Kirk to Mary Mesimer for one-seventh part of three hundred acres of land.
July 22, 1816 Jacob Sr's will dated names Henry, Adam, George and says all children are to be equal. John Kinser is not mentioned.
What was Jacob's birth date and birthplace?
Where was Jacob buried?
Peter Kinser and Jacob Jr and Sr are in the 1810 tax records on West Lick Creek.
Michael Kinser married Elizabeth Kettering January 30, 1803
From Zion church Records the following children:
Michael b. 26May1794 w. Jacob Kinser and Elizabeth as sponsors (note marriage date and birth date?)
Wilhelm (William) b. 30Jun1803 w. Adam Kettering and Wife as sponsors
will dated November 1835 names the following children: John, Katharine, Philip, Michael, Susanna, Elizabeth, George, Christian, and George.
1810 Virginia Census lists 3 male children ages 15-19.
George Kinser married Katharine Wampler (28Sep1786)
married Mary Davis (13Dec1815 Wythe Co., VA.)
Known children:
Anna Magdalena b. 13Dec1794
Theresa b. 14Dec1796
Sarah b.~1800
Ezekial b. 20Apr1804
Regina b. 17Apr1809
The 1810 Virginia Census lists one male child in the 15-19 age category.
12Jul1794 and 03Jun1804 The Zion Church Records show George present
George used the Kinzer spelling of his name most of the time.
John is not named in his will
George later moved to Indiana while John moved to Greene County, Tennessee before 1811.
There is a George Kinser in Greene County, Tennessee before 1814
. Is this the same or another George Kinser?
Peter Kinser (#1) married Susanna Misemer 03Sep1807.
from Zion Church records:
Peter Kinser appears at dedication in 1794, and 19Apr1795, 10Nov1799, 24Jan1802, 11Jul1803, 04Sep1803, 01Jul1804.
Frederick Kinser married Catharine ?
His siblings were Anna, Elizabeth, Michael Kincer, Martha (Lozier), George, Peter, Walter, Jacob, Savinah (King)
Known children:
Susanna b. 15Apr1796

Jacob Kinser  married Catharine Ketring(Catron)  27Nov1800 Known Children: Jacob b. 07Aug1802 Sponsors Jacob Kinser and Ester Ester b. 18Oct1904 Anna Kettering Regina b. 17Apr1809 Peter Wampler and Wife Jacob Kinser married Elizabeth ______? He appears in Cripple Creek church records 29Jun1794 . Other possible sources: 09Feb1802 George Jacob and Walter Kinser are listed at estate sale of George Fawley in Wythe County, VA Some estate sales possibly identify fathers if two or more people share the same name. 1810 VA Census Wythe Co. VA. Michael Kinser 3 males 16-26 1813 John Kinser show in Greene County Deed Books. 30 acres on W. Lick Creek 1814 100 acres 1815 135 acres How did he get the land? Location and deeds might have some information.

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