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"There is nobody on this earth who doesn't have ancestors.
Some of us just know more about ours."
Our Mission:

To Provide:

● Information and support for any Kinser family researcher.

● Kinser  family history and stories.

● Information about Kinser Family events.

● Your help, suggestions, and comments are solicited.

Our philosophy:

Almost every person asks at some point in life, "Who am I and where did I come from?" Every family has a story full of adventure, joys and heartbreaks buried in its' past. Genealogy can be nothing more than a list of names and dates or it can add flesh and blood to make our ancestors into real people.

To our ancestors the events we call history were current happenings in their daily lives.

Our ancestors laughed and cried, lived and died, just as we do, and our children and grand children in the future will look back and call it history. What will be history to them is the substance of everyday life to us.

Many times men are caught up in events beyond their control. Decisions are forced upon us that we do not wish to make. The consequences of these decisions, whether good or ill, are visited upon our children and our children's children.


When each of us comes to the point in life when we ask, "Who am I?" we are a result of all preceding events.

These pages tell part of onr family's story. In a sense this is everyone's story.

This story traces almost four hundred years in the life of one family. Our ancestors were immigrants who made a choice to resettle in a new world.  This story is about their choices and the consequences carried forward through many generations.

John, Jacob, and George Kinser were Virginia Revolutionary War soldiers.

Marion Francis Kinzer served in the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry during the Civil War. That unit fought in the battle of Chickamauga. Jacob Kinser was at Vicksburg.

Elbert Luther Kinser died on Okinawa .

William Scott Kinser died in Iraq. Adam Kinser in Afganistan