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Understanding these Pages 

The shear mass of data included in these pages will seem confusing and easily misunderstood. As I have responded to numerous queries related to individuals present or not present on these pages I found myself repeating the same words of explanation over and over again. I hope through this page will serve to answer many of these frequently asked questions; FAQ's in internet parlance. The database can be searched for information on all the names in the data base.

As a help in navigation a 'left double click' at any point on any page should return you to the top of the page.

So here goes:

Spelling the name: The original German spelling appears to have been Küntzer or Cüntzer. It now seems to have evolved there to Künzer.. When the new immigrants entered this country they gave their names to an immigration officer. The officer recording their data spoke little German and few if any of the immigrants spoke any English.
Küntzer was written variously as Küntzer, Kintzer, Keinzer, Kinser, and Kinzer on various documents. In fact one Kinser immigrant had his name spelled three different ways in one document. Jakob Kintzer and Nicolas Keinser on the ship 'Davy' were in fact Küntzer brothers. Any and all of the spellings at top of this page are found on the family tree. They are all legitimate and correct.

1. Background and purpose: As several of our Kinser cousins exchanged information over the years we became aware of a need for a 'central clearing house' where data from many sources could be collected and be readily available to any interested party. I agreed to do a web page which became These pages are intended for use by all Kinser cousins regardless of how the name is spelled.

2. Sources: The information on these pages is compiled from work by dozens of researchers digging into the family tree for at least thirty years. These people have shared generously of their research finding. The verbal and printed sources from which these names, dates, and relationships; if known, are recorded in my own personal data base consisting of 13,000 plus names. There is no practical way to cite all the reference sources  used by the various researchers but many of the sources can be found under the individual name.

3: Information submitted: Any Kinser cousin may submit new information. The information submitted is accepted subject to verification. No representation is made as to accuracy; however, most of the data is done by people who I know to be careful and accurate researchers. When new data is submitted an effort is made to match it with previous data. If the information that parallels present data is accurate then the new data submitted is accepted as most probably accurate and is added to the data base with notes as to source and time. If the parallel information does not agree with present data then the this fact is noted and the questionable data is not used until verified.

4: Contradictory data: As any genealogical researcher has found different sources may contradict each other. When this happens the contradictory information is circulated by E-mail to some seventy cousins who provide information and opinions then the most reasonable answer is chosen. What is called in genealogy, 'preponderance of the evidence.'

5: Why is my Kinser ancestor's name spelled incorrectly? I know my grandfather spelled his name Kincer or Kinzer but you have spelled it Kinser, for example.

This difference in spelling can come from several sources:

A. Many researchers changed the spellings of names to match their own, causing confusion and consternation among other Kinser cousins. Please don't do this! When these changes are found they are corrected.

B. Some persons on the family tree chose to use a different spelling than their fathers. There are several instances the father used Kinser and some of his sons used Kinser and others Kincer or Kinzer.

C. Sometimes the name is spelled incorrectly on legal documents. Census records are notorious for this. Court records as well. Please be aware that many people were illiterate well into the 1800's. and thus were at the mercy of the person writing down the name.

6: Why isn't my Kinser ancestor on the family tree? The names on the family tree are those whose definite relationships have been established. There are several hundred individual names and family groups in the data base that aren't connected because no one has yet provided the necessary information.

7. I don't know if I'm related to this family or not. If one or more of your ancestors was a Kinser however they spelled it you probably are one of our Kinser cousins. All of the Kinser immigrants thus far identified came form one small area in the Palatine states near the small villages of Wolfersweiler or Kirsten. The available records seem to indicate they were related.

8. Why did you use the spelling Kinser in most of the material on the web page? Because I spell my name Kinser and since I have to type it so many times its' easier that way; however, any way you spell it is OK.

9. Can I submit information on my family? Yes, submissions are welcome. Please include complete information, full names, complete dates, sources if possible, No abbreviations please.

Robert C. Kinser

 © R. C. Kinser